Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monitoring Tips

Here are five things you can start right now to prevent alcohol from getting into the hands of someone underage:

1.) Limit Access. Keep track of your alcohol. Sneaking booze from your liquor cabinet or the refridgerator is a common source for those too young to legally purchase alcohol.

2.) Network. Get to know your teen's friends. Better yet, get to know their parents or guardians as well.

3.) Reinforce and Enforce. Set clear rules and expectations, and follow them consistantly.

4.) Check in often. Have them use a landline when they call so that you can tell where they are actually are when they call.

5.) Be up and ready. Give them a hug when they come home. If you have to, set the alarm just before curfew.

For more information on more things you can do to keep your teen drug and alcohol free, log onto http://www.21reasons.org/forparents.html

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