Monday, September 29, 2008

MillerCoors puts Sparks Red on Hold

Last week, after being sued by the Center for Science in the Pubic Interst and receiving a letter of complaint by over 25 Attorney's General, including Maine's own AG Steven Rowe, MillerCoors bowed to pressure and put their plans to launch their new Sparks Red on hold.

These highly caffeinated alcoholic energy drinks mask the effects of intoxication, thus leading consumers to believe they are capable of driving or other tasks that are risky while intoxicated. In addition, since the effects are less noticeable, consumers are likely to drink more. As if this were not enough of a danger, these beverages are marketed towards youth. Sparks Red, at 8% alcohol, contains twice the alcohol as typical beer.

We applaud MillerCoors for postponing the introduction of this product, however, postponing is not enough. We urge MillerCoors to follow Anheuser Busch's lead in pulling this dangerously irresponsible beverage line off the market altogether. In June of this year, after an investigation by Maine's AG, and other states, concluded A-B's engergy drinks were being marketed illegally to young people.

For more information about alcoholic energy drinks, why they are a problem, and what we can do to stop them, visit:

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