Friday, December 19, 2008

News Roundup

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in underage drinking prevention news, with several positive steps and a few teaching moments. Here’s a summary of recent news articles:

Alcoholic Energy Drink to Drop Caffeine.” Edward D. Murphy, Portland Press Herald. December 19, 2008

"Dispatch: Bar loses liquor license after serving to minors.” Portland Press Herald. December 16, 2008.

Parents of teens turn blind eye.” Seacoast Online, December 10, 2008.

"Maine's Attorney General Steven Rowe wants you to know that taking away the keys is not enough." Youth Empowerment Policy Project, December 10, 2008.

Portland pub may lose liquor license.” David Hench, Portland Press Herald. November 28, 2008.

Sex offender accused of buying booze for teen.” David Hench, Portland Press Herald. November 24, 2008.

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