Thursday, October 1, 2009

21 Reasons: Now on your radio…

Portland Coalition Coordinator Jo Morrissey got to visit the Coast 93.1 morning show with hosts Tim and Eva! She had a great segment last Wednesday, September 23.

While we’d love it if we could represent 21 Reasons on every morning show, Jo’s guest appearance on Coast 93.1 was triggered by a specific segment done on the morning of September 2nd:

Morning show host Eva wanted to have a listener discussion about a situation that happened with one of her friends. Eva’s friend hosted an underage drinking party for her son and eleven of her son’s friends. The mom contacted the guests’ parents beforehand, to let them know the teens would be drinking at the party--and only one set of parents said no! The party was described by the mom as “no drama”. The mother (Eva’s friend) bought a set amount of beer and took all the car keys; the teens played beer pong and there was “only one puker.”

Eva and Tim asked listeners what they thought about the situation – did the mother do the right thing? What do other parents think about hosting parties like this? While we didn’t get to hear all of the callers, “Officer Mike” and several others had great comments about legal issues, the drinking age, and how adults model drinking behaviors.

Obviously, when we heard about this, we needed to respond. Much of our work is done with parents, to let them know that underage drinking is NOT inevitable, and we want to provide support for parents who may find themselves in a situation like this one.

Jo answered some tough questions about the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) and community norms about alcohol. She was also able to debunk some common myths about underage drinking – for instance, most teens actually DON’T drink.

A huge thanks to Tim, Eva, and Coast 93.1 for having Jo on the show and letting us share with their listeners!

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