Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Bowl Vote 2011

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and all over the country, fans are getting excited to watch the Packers and the Steelers have it out. But some viewers won’t just be watching for field goals: for many, the big-budget ads are just as exciting as the big game! “The Super Bowl is known for its commercials almost as much as it is for the game itself,” writes the Drug-Free Action Alliance of Ohio, and each year dozens of companies pay to be part of that, advertising cars, technology, services – and alcohol.

In response to this trend, Ohio’s Drug-Free Action Alliance has begun the Big Bowl Vote, a three-question survey of middle and high school students, to help communities assess which Super Bowl ads kids remember and to help parents and educators start conversations with kids about alcohol advertising. Last year, 40,000 youth in 39 states participated in the survey nationally, and found that two of the five most popular Super Bowl 2010 ads were selling beer.

Are you an educator? It's easy to bring the Big Bowl Vote to your classroom! The Big Bowl 2011 Toolkit provides materials, tips, and follow-up activities.

Are you a parent? Encourage your kid’s teachers to bring the Big Bowl Vote to their classroom! And if you and your teen watch the game together, use it as an opportunity to discuss alcohol advertising together and to help your child develop critical thinking skills about ads and alcohol. Check out the Big Bowl Toolkit to see a copy of this year’s questionnaire and the Drug-Free Action Alliance’s alcohol advertising fact sheet.

Check out the Big Bowl Vote site for more information and tools.

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